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Our Dedicated Programs will help you succeed in the US

Colleagues at Work

1:1 Mentoring Consulting

Through this program, your company can utilize M3 Global LLC as an on-demand advisor throughout the year. We are committed to providing maximum assistance across various fields during the one-year period, aiding your entry into the US market like your own US branch or global employee.

Modern Office

Global Accelerator

Collaborating with Korean institutions, our accelerator program selectively targets customers in a specific sector, spanning a duration of 3-6 months. Throughout this period, we gather a diverse array of experts and investors, exploring the potential of the US market and ensuring the completion of US market readiness for your business.

Modern Office
American Courtroom

Legal & Tax

You can access a wealth of information on immigration law, corporate structure, tax benefits, and more through our partner attorneys and CPAs. Our goal is to equip our clients with expertise in areas such as joint ventures, M&A, IP, and other fields to help them achieve long-term objectives.

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